What People Are Saying

“A heart-warming, uplifting story of a Native family’s inspirational commitment to education, personal responsibility and each other set against the backdrop of the beautiful landscapes of Montana.”

—Prof. Joely Proudfit (Luiseño),
Professor and Chair, American Indian Studies Department, Cal State San Marcos

“Badger Creek is phenomenal. As Indigenous people we are constantly fighting against a victimization complex, and the film accurately shows how, yes, Indigenous peoples were and continue to be victims of colonization and many forms violence, but also how resilient and prosperous we are as families, clans, and peoples.”

—Preston McBride (Unenrolled Comanche),
Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA Department of History

“Badger Creek is...a perfect example of how we can change our destiny with effort. It is a story that speaks to Native people of every tribe, with familiar choices that we all have to make as we revive and maintain our trajectory of survival and success."

—Will Moreau Goins, Ph.D. (Cherokee),
Native author, activist and storyteller

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